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Lifeline Tax analyzes the intricacies of state, federal and international tax laws and strategies how to use these for the benefit of our clients. We assist our clients in sailing through the highs and lows of life, business trends and the economy and anticipate risks and opportunities that arise from the dynamic tax environment.

We aim to equip individuals and businesses with a range of tax planning services. Get rid of your tax worries and receive consultations for strategic tax planning for businesses, tax strategies for high net worth individuals, multi-state tax planning, foreign tax credit planning, alternative minimum tax planning and international tax compliance. Fill out the form and get started!

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We offer our clients peace of mind by staying connected with them for their tax issues and compliance. Our clients are relieved knowing that we are devoted on all levels and are expert, trained and committed professionals who offer quality services for tax planning and preparation. The chief goal of our services is to reduce your tax burden and increase your after-tax profitability. The team at Lifeline Tax helps you achieve your objectives in a confident and efficient manner.

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